Three friends in New York City founded the Standard Shirt Company for a simple reason: to find a well-cut, simple, yet versatile shirt that is priced fairly. Most off-the-rack options were cut disproportionately, while bespoke options seemed needlessly complex and overpriced. The shirts we saw available didn’t meet our standard.

There was a need for a shirt that balanced quality, design, and value while being versatile for work, for weddings, for anything.

We partnered with an industry expert in Seoul, Korea with over three decades of experience in textiles and operations eliminating extraneous cost and ensuring that you only pay for what you need. Everything from the labels, buttons, and packaging are also made in-house in order to forgo agency cost and ensure that we are intimately involved in every aspect of our manufacturing process.


The cut of our shirt is modern, nothing should be added nor taken away. We did away with the shirts our granddads wore and adapted an athletic cut to our shirts allowing for a sleek silhouette. We understand not all of us are sized in whole numbers and halves and that’s why we size in quarters (1/4) and thirds (1/3) inches to get as close as possible to the perfect fit. It’s more than just a stylistic choice as a close fit with a durable fabric allows the shirt to mimic the body’s natural movements.


We designed our shirt to work as hard as you do. Our reinforced construction of the collar, cuffs, and placket on a soft yet durable fabric fashioned in a tailored cut are all important attributes purposely designed to be worn as soon as you wake up and can last effortlessly throughout the day to transition into any bustling evening activities.


Re-engineering shirt-making also prompted us to reconsider how they should be sold. Due to our specialization in a refined selection of items, we are able to maximize economics of scale whilst maintaining superior quality. Our modern approach to retail keeps our costs low, which allows us to pass on the savings to our customers.