1 | Design

We started at the drawing board, literally, and iterated through dozens of prototypes before constructing a design that blends a modern cut with classic proportionality. We aimed for a design that is contemporary yet consistent with the timeliness of a style fit for business and pleasure: our shirts are designed for the boardroom and the bar.

2 | Creation

We partnered with an in-house supplier with a generation of experience working with fabrics. Our factories in Korea are led by tailors, manufacturers, and engineers who are known for their high quality of work by international retailers. We chose to weave our shirts with premium Xinjiang cotton – a breathable and nimble fabric ideal to achieve our design.

3 | Details

Each shirt is composed with 80s-long stable pinpoint oxford with approximately 18 stitches per inch, mother-of-pearl buttons, reinforced construction at the cuffs and collar, and a touch of blue contrast stitching on the button of the cuff. These details reinforce the construction of the fabric for frequent wear and result in a shirt that’s both comfortable and elegant.

4 | Workmanship

Every inch of the shirt and our process has been carefully detailed throughout from inception to delivery. We spent months looking at how our shirts can best fit our body types. We feature incremental sizing: our shirts go up by thirds (1/3) and quarters (1/4) of an inch rather than traditional halves (1/2) to achieve the best fit possible.

5 | Delivery

We aim to provide the best possible online experience. In order to achieve an appropriate fit for our shirts, we designed a convenient sizing calculator to help choose the best shirt for most body types. Our packaging is designed to be ergonomic, accessible, and environmentally friendly – best of all, free shipping and returns come standard.